About Smar | SMAR - Industrial Automation


SMAR is a Brazilian brand, created on April 1st, 1974 controlled by Nova Smar S/A, headquarter in Sertãozinho city, state of São Paulo, currently positioned as a Technology Company, specialized in the supply of solutions for control and automation of industrial processes, attentive and closely monitoring the rapid advance of digital technologies, which has led to the emergence of innovative, differentiated and even disruptive resources, many of which are interesting, applicable and which can be associated with automation solutions.

SMAR develops, manufactures and sells instruments, Controllers, hardware and software for the measurement, control, operation and management of maintenance assets. Provides Project, Factory Acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Test, Site Integration Test, Commissioning, Start-up and Technical Assistance services.

SMAR first became known as a field service provider for steam turbines in the Brazilian sugar industry. With the begining of Research and Development activities, it launched electronic regulators on the market as part of a new control system for the dosage of the amount of sugar cane in the feeders of the mills. When it started to design a new line of instruments for process control, it expanded its installed park to other segments of the industry. This initiative made the brand grow in the national market and already aiming to expand to the international market. In the 1990s, investment in the development of a new product line drove the brand to a new level of the market, the provider of solutions in process control systems for industrial plants. With the experience achieved in the development of an DCS (Distributed Control System), we started to create the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and led the creation of products using the concepts of an advanced and disruptive digital technology for process control, Foundation Fieldbus, whose efforts earned the brand the nickname “First in Fieldbus”. And to this portfolio of solutions, over the years, other emerging technologies have been added, such as Profibus and WirelessHART.

A new opportunity is opening for the SMAR in this decade of 2020 with O-PAS (Open Process Automation Standard), a “standard of standards” to define a supplier-neutral reference architecture, aimed at building scalable, reliable, interoperable and secure process automation systems, which has been gaining the support of the most important users worldwide. In this scenario, the SMAR solution is once again the protagonist of the market, as it was conceived incorporating the concepts of architecture and the characteristics that are part of this standard, differently from the solutions that are available in other providers in the world market.


Supply the global automation market with complete, advanced, efficient, robust and cost-effective products and solutions.


To achieve worldwide notoriety for the company’s creative and innovative spirit, as well as an management strategy focused on the satisfaction of customers, investors and employees, guieded by social, environmental and legal responsibility.


  • Criativity and innovation;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Teamwork;
  • Clear and effective communication;
  • Flexibility;
  • Transparency.

Quality Policy

Meeting all expectations of Customers and other stackhoelders, offering quality products and services, while constantly seeking the continuous improvement of processes and the improvement of products and services, under the following guidelines:

  • Effective leadership involvement in outlining strategies and goals;
  • Constantly seeking to optimize resource use;
  • Continuously improving processes to enhence speed and efficiency;
  • Developing the knowledge and skills of employees.